Pepperland Marketing is seeking a talented, driven college student or recent graduate to join its growing team as a Content Marketing Intern. This is an incredible opportunity to step into a fast-growing industry and kick off an exciting career in a fun, but challenging work environment.

Until fairly recently, most of the ways that businesses marketed their products or services were disruptive in nature: Cold-calling; billboards on the side of roads; advertisements in newspapers, television, and print publications; promotional flyers sent by mail, etc. At the time, these methods worked, primarily because they were the only source of information that customers could turn to.

The internet changed all of this, offering customers countless ways of learning about a product or service and putting them in charge of more of the buying process. 

Content Marketing is a marketing approach that was created to address this new reality. It involves a company creating content that is valuable, informative, and relevant to their customers. This content may be in the form of blog posts, web pages, emails, or other forms. 

By participating in this internship, you will have the opportunity to learn all of the fundamentals of Content Marketing. You’ll work on real, high-impact projects that will help you develop your writing and strategic skills and jumpstart/accelerate your career. It’s a lot like taking a college course, only instead of having to pay tuition, you get paid to do your homework.

Wondering what it entails? Common tasks/learning opportunities include:

  • Writing: You’ll write blog posts, product/service pages, promotional emails, social media posts, and more in a range of styles and voices, for real Pepperland clients
  • Research: You’ll learn how to research the topics that you are writing about, whether that is by conducting interviews with subject matter experts, sourcing expert quotes, or simply conducting your own independent research.
  • Content Strategy: Beyond writing, you’ll also learn how to identify topics that are relevant to our clients and their customers, and learn about the other things that make great content—images, visuals, interactive elements, etc. There may also be opportunities to develop buyer personas and other materials to support your content-focused tasks.
  • SEO Basics: While this is primarily a content-focused role, you will also learn the basics of what makes a piece of content SEO-friendly. This may include tasks related to optimization, keyword research, link-building, and more. 

This isn’t your typical internship. Once you have completed the minimum amount of 250 hours, you will become eligible to apply to the Pepperland Content Marketing Apprenticeship. As an apprentice, you will work directly with one of our experienced Content Strategists, learning advanced skills that can help either land a full-time role at our agency, or working as a Content Specialist at some of the area’s most exciting employers.


  • Currently enrolled as a Junior or Senior college student, or you’ve recently graduated and need to get the skills necessary to land a full-time job in the field.
  • You’ve proven yourself to be a capable communicator, through both your school work and personal/professional achievements.
  • You have a personality who’s willing to take on anything to learn new skills and succeed.
  • You’re willing to fail, take constructive feedback, adjust your approach, and try again.
  • You’re active on social media, and ready to network.
  • You love to create things and share those things online.
  • You REALLY want to master the art of creating content.


Our team is currently distributed remotely across the United States. While the vast majority of our work and collaboration is handled remotely, we offer access to a co-working space in Cheshire, Connecticut, USA which is often used for company-wide meetings, team brainstorming sessions, and face-to-face meetings with clients. While you will have the opportunity to complete the internship remotely, we encourage interns to work at least a portion of their time in our Cheshire, CT office. 


Successful completion of the internship requires a minimum of 250 hours over a three to six month period. Schedules are flexible and can be planned around your class schedule. 


We know you have bills to pay, and believe that the best work comes from those who are compensated fairly. That’s why our interns start at a rate of $15/hour.

College Credit:

We will work with you to determine if our internship meets your department's criteria for college credit. If you are applying as a college student that requires completion of an unpaid internship, we will allow you to participate for college-credit only for the first 150 hours of your internship, or whatever hour threshold your program requires. After that point, we expect you to be available for the remainder of the internship at the normal $15/hr rate. 

The Application Process:

Send us your resume and a cover letter explaining why you’re interested in this internship. We value professionalism, creativity, and most importantly, a passion for content marketing. Let us know what excites you most about content or marketing in general. If you’re selected as a finalist, we will invite you to interview with our team.

About Pepperland:

Pepperland Marketing is an inbound marketing agency that helps universities, schools, and businesses increase traffic and generates new high-quality leads, inquiries, and applicants. 

Our deep expertise in SEO, content marketing, and all things inbound has helped us to generate millions of new visitors for our clients, hundreds of thousands of leads, and game-changing insights.