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HubSpot is a powerful tool and software, capable of powering a range of sales, marketing, and support initiatives. Because of this range of use cases, no two businesses ever use HubSpot 100% like any other business.

Your business is unique. The way you’ll be using HubSpot is unique. Shouldn’t your onboarding plan be unique?

Here at Pepperland, we’ve spent years crafting custom HubSpot onboarding plans for our clients—designed to help them get up and running as quickly as possible so that they can begin realizing value from the tool. Because we’re in the business of helping you realize your strategic goals, and not of selling HubSpot, we’ll never recommend you upgrade just for upgrade’s sake; if and when we make a recommendation, it’s because we believe it’s the right move for your business.

We’re experienced in all areas of HubSpot’s use and implementation, including:

  • Marketing Hub
    Marketing Hub
    For growing website traffic, converting leads, and nurturing those leads to closed deals
  • Sales Hub
    Sales Hub
    For simplifying and scaling your sales process in a clean, efficient way
  • Service Hub
    Service Hub
    For providing customer service and delight through every stage of their journey
  • HubSpot CRM
    HubSpot CRM
    For managing your database of contacts, companies, and deals
  • HubSpot CMS
    HubSpot CMS
    For creating blog posts, landing pages, and other content that will convert

Continue reading to learn more about what HubSpot Onboarding looks like with Pepperland.

Book Some Time

Want To Learn More? Book A Free Consultation.

Tell us more about how you plan to use HubSpot to support your marketing, sales, and support processes. Once we understand your goals, we can chat through the different ways we can help you achieve them. This free consultation  will include:

  • Initial recommendations about HubSpot and integrations
  • Discussions about your current processes
  • A complimentary overview of the Inbound Methodology and how HubSpot can support it

Account and Technical Setup

  • Installing the HubSpot Tracking Code on your website and subdomains
  • Filtering Out Internal Traffic
  • Establishing Your Email Sending Domain and CAN-SPAM
  • Importing Contacts, Companies, Deals, Tickets, Notes, etc.
  • Data Hygiene
  • Importing Marketing Opt-Out Lists (and other lists)
  • Creating Custom Properties in the CRM (as necessary)
  • Configuring Email
  • Connecting Various Social Channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram)
  • Guiding You Through Integrations (as necessary)

Marketing Hub

  • Persona Development
  • Campaign Setup
  • Lifecycle Stage/Customer Journey Development
  • Lead Capture (Forms, Pop-ups, CTAs Landing Pages)
  • Lead Scoring
  • Lead Nurturing (Email, Social Media, Smart Content, Chat)
  • Blogging
  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Automation
  • Database Segmentation & List Creation

Sales Hub

  • Email Integration
  • Email Templates Development
  • Calendar & Meeting App
  • Live Chat/Chatbots
  • Deal Stage Development
  • Deal Pipeline Development
  • Video
  • Automation (Workflows, Sequences)
  • Documentation Library

Service Hub

  • Importing Tickets From Existing System
  • Embedding a Support Form on Your Website
  • Conversations Notifications
  • Ticket Assignment Rules
  • Automation (Workflows, Tasks)
  • Support/Service Pipeline Development
  • Knowledge Base Migration/Development
  • Support Video
  • Customer Loyalty Surveys (NPS)
  • Customer Effort Surveys (CES)
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSAT)

What To Expect When Implementing HubSpot with Pepperland

Whether you’ve already purchased HubSpot and are looking to a partner who can help you quickly implement it, or you’re still considering your options, we can help.

Because the onboarding process can be rather varied from organization to organization, it’s difficult to speak generally about what an engagement with us will look like. That being said, it will usually include:

Here’s how it works:

1. We understand your business.

We begin all of our engagements with a deep-dive into your current sales, marketing, and support processes so that we can understand your business at a fundamental level.

Tell us about your goals.
We understand your business

2. We recommend a customized implementation plan.

Based on this understanding, we will make recommendations as to which tools within HubSpot we think you should leverage, as well as any third-party apps or integrations you may need for success.

Discuss your needs with our consultants.
We recommend a customized implementation plan

3. We tackle all technical setup.

Everything involved in getting you up and running using HubSpot.

Request a consultation to see it in action.
We tackle all technical setup

4. We outline quick wins.

How can we help you realize some immediate value from HubSpot? Most businesses can leverage a number of quick wins for some immediate ROI.

See if we're a good fit.
We outline quick wins

5. We map out a long-term plan.

We are proponents of the Inbound Methodology. As such, we’ll help you create a long-term marketing, sales, and support strategy that embraces inbound. This strategy will also include outlining when it might make sense to expand your use of HubSpot as your company grows.

Book some time.
We map out a long-term plan

6. If needed, we provide ongoing support.

Need someone to help you with the tactical side of HubSpot—building emails, designing CTAs, developing landing pages, etc.? We offer such support through our HubSpot Services. Likewise, we can train your team so they are better equipped for the task at hand.

Get our recommendations.
Ongoing support

We're Trusted By:

Steve Salvo
Steve Salvo, IAP-L, CAEP

Trinity Episcopal School

“Awesome…Simply awesome. Sean and his team were fantastic throughout the process. They diligently researched our online presence and made clear recommendations that were easy to implement. Money spent with Pepperland is money well spent.”

Debra Arrato
Debra Arrato

Ice Cream Emergency

“Awesome! Experts in their field. Extremely knowledgeable and professional company. They evaluated our programs, analyzed our data, and created and implemented campaigns to meet and exceed our goals. It is a pleasure working with Pepperland.”

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