Who We Are, What We Do & Why We Do It

At Pepperland, everything we do is driven by our core values of collaboration and transparency—qualities that form the bedrock of our team, our culture, and the work we do. These qualities enable us to empower educational institutions to meet enrollment goals through strategic and impactful marketing solutions.

Here at Pepperland, creativity and strategy collide to elevate schools in new ways. We collaborate with our partners beyond service delivery by preparing clients for future independence in their marketing efforts and equipping them with the tools and knowledge for sustainable growth. We don’t just implement strategies; we teach them!

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Our highly skilled and seasoned enrollment marketing strategists are here to help. They’ll review every aspect of your marketing efforts, identify the gaps, and work directly with you to develop and execute a marketing plan that works and gets results. 

Our Story

Pepperland Marketing is a digital marketing agency located in Cheshire, Connecticut. Founded in 2015, we have extensive experience partnering with schools and colleges in their marketing and recruitment efforts. Whether you need to expand your reach online and generate more inquiries, or do a better job progressing prospects through the enrollment funnel, it’s hard to know exactly where to start.

Our team of trusted enrollment marketing strategists act as an extension of your team, helping you to develop the messaging, content, tools and system needed to meet your recruitment, admissions, and retention goals.


Our Mission

At Pepperland Marketing, our mission is to empower educational institutions to achieve their enrollment goals by delivering impactful marketing strategies that guide learners to academic success and life-changing opportunities.

We are dedicated to building authentic connections between educational institutions and their prospective communities, ensuring each campaign we undertake is not only innovative but deeply resonant. 

By embracing a partnership approach with our clients, we guarantee an open exchange of ideas and strategies, driving results that exceed expectations. Our commitment to creativity is the cornerstone of our success, enabling us to navigate the complexities of the education sector with fresh, impactful solutions. Together, we transform potential into achievement, shaping the future of education marketing.

Our Vision

Our vision at Pepperland Marketing is to transform the future of educational enrollment. Pepperland Marketing aspires to be the premier advisory partner in the education sector, renowned for empowering institutions with innovative marketing strategies and insights.

We aim to not just fulfill immediate enrollment goals, but to foster enduring relationships, nurture academic success, and unlock life-changing opportunities for learners worldwide.

Our commitment is to transcend traditional marketing roles, becoming a beacon of knowledge, training, and strategic wisdom that guides educational institutions towards sustainable growth and independence.


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Our Values

Here at Pepperland, everything that we do is informed and guided by the following core values:

Empathy for Clients and Their Challenges: We deeply empathize with the unique and industry-wide challenges faced by  educational institutions and their communities. Our approach is rooted in understanding and addressing the needs of not only the institutions, but the students and families they serve.

Commitment to Personal and Professional Growth: We are dedicated to the continuous growth and learning of our team members. By investing in our own development, we bring innovative ideas and superior solutions to our clients, making a more significant impact on learners' lives.

Collaborative Partnerships: Our success is built on the strength of our partnerships. We work closely with our clients, sharing goals, and crafting strategies that lead to mutual success and lasting relationships.

Innovation in Marketing: At the forefront of our strategy is innovation. We embrace creativity and cutting-edge techniques to stay ahead in the dynamic fields of marketing and education.

Fostering Long-term Relationships and Value: Beyond generating clicks and leads, we help our clients build meaningful, long-term relationships with each prospective learner. We view every interaction as an opportunity to enrich lives and contribute to lifelong educational journeys.

Transparency and Trust: Transparency is key to building trust. We maintain open, honest communication with our clients, creating a foundation of reliability and integrity.

Community-Oriented Approach and Diversity: We believe in the power of community. Our goal is to foster a diverse community of enrollment management and marketing professionals, united by a passion for improving the lives of the learners they serve through academic excellence.

Adaptability in a Rapidly Evolving Landscape: Recognizing the fast-paced changes in both marketing and education, we remain adaptable and responsive. Our strategies evolve to meet the emerging trends and needs of our clients and the industry.

Industries We Love

At Pepperland Marketing, our ideal client is someone who wants to learn from us as we help them grow traffic to their website, generate qualified inquiries, and acquire new students. We have extensive experience working with clients in the Higher Education, Private and Independent K-12 schools, and the education management industry.

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Higher Education

Higher Education: From undergraduate to graduate programs, we provide strategies to increase inquiries, nurture prospects, and improve application rates. We’re here to assist you at each stage of the enrollment funnel.

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Private and Independent K-12

Private and Independent K-12: We specialize in crafting compelling campaigns that attract and delight the right-fit prospective families to your school. Together let’s fill your classroom with your ideal students.

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Education Management

Education Management: Let us help you streamline processes within your organization or district. Using a variety of different digital platforms, we can help you expand marketing efforts, improve efficiency, and meet your goals.

Screen Shot 2024-02-16 at 10.06.35 AMWhat Makes Us Different

  • Highly Transparent and Collaborative Approach: Pepperland Marketing operates with a focus on transparency and collaboration, ensuring clients are involved and informed at every stage of the marketing process.

  • Education-Oriented Service: The agency emphasizes teaching and empowering clients alongside providing marketing services, aiming to equip them with knowledge and skills for their long-term benefit.

  • Direct Work with Skilled Strategists: Clients work directly with highly skilled strategists, as opposed to being paired with account managers. This approach ensures that clients receive expert guidance tailored to their specific needs.

  • Long-Term Client Empowerment: Pepperland Marketing focuses on preparing clients for future independence by building their in-house marketing capabilities, rather than just delivering short-term results.

  • Contrast with Competition: Differentiating itself from competitors, Pepperland Marketing prioritizes client education and long-term success over immediate sales, offering a unique value proposition in the digital marketing landscape.

Meet the Team

Sean Henri

Sean Henri

Founder and CEO

Sean is the Founder and CEO of Pepperland, and acts as the lead strategist on the team, helping schools, colleges and universities develop strategies to increase traffic and leads in support of their enrollment goals, and then guiding the Pepperland team in the execution of those plans. Prior to starting the agency, he held marketing leadership roles across a variety of industry verticals and both B2B and B2C companies, exposing him to a broad range of marketing challenges. When not at work, Sean can be found playing with his three young boys, enjoying the outdoors, or volunteering with his son's Cub Scout pack.


Kelly Henri

Chief Operating Officer

Kelly keeps the business running behind the scenes with business strategy, HR management and administrative tasks. In addition to her work with Pepperland, Kelly is mom to three wild and crazy boys, and is a pediatric nurse practitioner.


Penny Humes

Senior Enrollment Marketing Strategist

Penny comes to Pepperland with more than 10 years of experience and a strong record of success in the field of enrollment marketing. She served as the Marketing and Communications Director at a junior-senior high school in Rhode Island; Assistant Director of Marketing for Enrollment Management at a university in Massachusetts; and Associate Director of Admission Marketing and Communications for a college in Vermont. Penny is a lifelong learner and innovative problem solver with a true passion for enrollment marketing. She is dedicated to supporting her colleagues and helping clients leverage digital marketing strategies so they can meet, and ultimately exceed, their enrollment goals. Outside of the office, Penny loves to travel and see new places, plan Disney trips with her husband, and spend time with family and friends.

Jess McCaughey

Jessica McCaughey

Senior Enrollment Marketing Strategist

Jess serves as a strategist for enrollment marketing efforts, creatively and strategically developing inbound marketing plans. Prior to joining Pepperland, Jess developed an extensive career in higher education. Starting as a college tour guide, Jess was able to advance into positions such as an Admission Counselor, Assistant Director of Admissions, Social Media Specialist, Associate Director of Visit Experience, and, ultimately, a Director of Undergraduate Recruitment. She has experience with an array of schools, ranging from small to large, private and public, liberal arts to business focused. Jess is passionate about recruiting the right fit student for an institution. Off the clock Jess enjoys traveling, being a dog mom, and gardening.

Picture of Kayron Macon

Kayron Macon

Web Developer

Kayron brings with him 4 years of experience in web application development. He's passionate about producing industry standard, scalable code, while utilizing his aptitude for design to generate clean, responsive, functioning websites. He's a team player and enjoys collaborating with peers to come up with new ideas and problem solve. In his free time he loves traveling, trying new foods, and gaming.


Eric Bakken

Senior Paid Media Specialist

Eric manages, measures, and optimizes campaigns across all paid marketing platforms at Pepperland. He has worked within the digital marketing field for over 6 years and has experience managing campaigns across many industries. He enjoys staying up-to-date with digital marketing trends and developing campaign strategies. In his free time, you can find Eric discovering new trails while mountain biking.

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Kaisley Alvarez

SEO Specialist

As an SEO Specialist at Pepperland., Kaisley focuses on all-things Search Engine Optimization, from on-page optimization, technical SEO analysis, keyword research, crawl issue analysis, to content creation and link building. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, crafting projects, and exercising.


Kate Gibson

Editor & Copywriter

Kate is an Editor and Copywriter who strives to create engaging content for her clients. Before joining the Pepperland team, Kate started her career as a production editor working with major university presses, where she acted as a project manager for several high print-volume academic titles. In her free time, she loves to do anything active and is currently training to become a marathon runner.

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Yor Madrio

Inbound Marketing Specialist

Yor started off as intern and worked his way to become an Inbound Marketing Specialist here at Pepperland. He is responsible for publishing content involving Instagram marketing strategy on our blog and supporting our paid media specialist with Google Ads and Meta Business Suite campaigns.

In his free time, he finds joy in creating music and playing the guitar. 

Read some of his blogs below!


Samantha Rivera

Inbound Marketing Specialist

As one of Pepperland’s Inbound Marketing Specialists, Sam is responsible for developing and executing inbound campaigns through email marketing, workflows, and content creation. Before joining the Pepperland team, Sam specialized in social media strategy for a higher education institution. In her free time, Sam is an avid reader and loves to take on DIY projects.