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Anyone can be an effective salesperson or marketer. All it takes is the right skills.

Long-term sales and marketing success requires that everyone on your team has the skills to implement and execute upon your strategy. That doesn’t mean that everyone needs to be an expert in content strategy or SEO; but having a baseline understanding is critical to enabling you to reach your goals.

Effective training requires:

  • Evaluation
    Of your existing skills and how they support your strategy.
  • Identification
    Of the skills necessary to your long-term organizational success.
  • Empowerment
    Through tools, coaching, and hands-on education.

If you think that your team needs training in the area of sales, marketing, or SEO, you could go it alone and develop your own curriculum—or you can leverage us to get everyone up to speed fast and effectively.

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Tell us more about your current content strategy and where you want to see improvement. Once we understand your goals, we can chat through the different ways we can help you achieve them. This free consultation will help you:

  • Define your goals
  • Understand your current performance
  • Identify potential areas of improvement
  • Learn how we can help

Training & Workshops Provided By Our Consultants:

  • SEO Fundamentals Training
  • SEO Training for Content Marketers
  • Technical SEO Training
  • HubSpot Training
  • Inbound Funnel Workshop
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • Blogging for Business
  • Buyer’s Journey Workshop
  • Brand Voice Workshop
  • Website Strategy Workshop

How Pepperland Training & Workshops Work

Whether you’re looking for one-time in-person or virtual training to bring your team members up to speed or you’re looking for ongoing coaching and education, our consultants have years of experience training organizations of all sizes, operating in a range of industries. While training and workshops are tailored to each individual client’s needs, the process typically looks something like this:

1. We analyze your existing skills.

In order to tailor our training solutions to the unique needs of your business, it’s first critical that we have a firm understanding of the skills that your team currently has, as well as how proficient they are in each of those areas.

Learn more about our training & workshops.
We analyze your existing skills

2. We identify areas of improvement.

Using this baseline information, paired with an understanding of your goals, we will recommend the training option that we think best aligns with your needs. This may take the form of group training or one-on-one coaching, as required.

Discuss your needs with our consultants.
We identify areas of improvement

3. We align on schedule.

Are you working towards preparing your team for an important date or event—for example, a tradeshow, website redesign, product launch, or sales push? Knowing this as early as possible will allow us to schedule training sessions or workshops for times that work best for everyone involved.

Request a consultation to see it in action.
We align on schedule

4. The training occurs.

The exact shape of our training options will naturally depend on the topic being covered. That being said, our training and workshops typically consist of an information session followed by some form of hands-on training activity and Q&A session. We will often provide tools and frameworks to your team that they can leverage during and after training has ended.

Learn how we can help.
The training occurs

5. We evaluate the outcome

By evaluating the outcome of your training session or workshop, it is possible to determine whether or not further training will be necessary to bring your team up to the level that is required of them.

See if we're a good fit.
We evaluate the outcome

We're Trusted By:

Steve Salvo
Steve Salvo, IAP-L, CAEP

Trinity Episcopal School

“Awesome…Simply awesome. Sean and his team were fantastic throughout the process. They diligently researched our online presence and made clear recommendations that were easy to implement. Money spent with Pepperland is money well spent.”

Debra Arrato
Debra Arrato

Ice Cream Emergency

“Awesome! Experts in their field. Extremely knowledgeable and professional company. They evaluated our programs, analyzed our data, and created and implemented campaigns to meet and exceed our goals. It is a pleasure working with Pepperland.”

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