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When it comes to podcasting, a logo is an important piece of your outreach efforts. Simply put, a well crafted, creative logo can help audiences better identify your recording.
Creating a podcast logo may seem challenging, but it doesn’t have to be!
We want to give you the tools needed to brainstorm the different elements of your podcast. That’s why at the end of this blog post, you are going to have everything you need to create a stunning podcast logo in 5 simple, easy-to-follow steps.

The reason you’re reading this article is likely because you are concerned about catching your listeners’ eyes when they’re scrolling through iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, or any number of the podcast apps. Designing podcast artwork is a fun but crucial step when creating a podcast.

Let’s discuss how you can create the podcast logo you’ve always wanted that will stand out from all the rest.

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How to Brainstorm Your Podcast Logo

Brainstorming can take on many forms. You might like writing things down, drawing things on a whiteboard, or just talking things out. Whatever method you prefer, there are a few things you should do first to align with your shows identity and industry.

Consider following the 5-10-20 design method. This will help you get the ideas flowing while also getting input at different stages of the design process.

By following this method, you start by taking five minutes to sketch a design on your own, a process which promotes free thinking. Follow that up with sharing your idea and getting feedback from one other colleague for ten minutes. This gives you another perspective from another business stakeholder. Finally, share your idea with a larger group for twenty minutes and allow them to sketch different versions of what you have pulled together.

1. Research your competitors.

The first thing I do when looking for podcast inspiration is go right to the podcast section of iTunes to check out what’s already out there. You’re going to be competing with a plethora of other podcast channels; the only way to stand out from the crowd is to appeal to their type of style but with key design differences.

Let’s say you search for marketing in iTunes, you might see a screen like this:

Podcast Logo Competitor Research

You’ll start to notice a common theme: Exactly half of the podcasts shown on the first screen include images of the host’s face. The reason it’s good to identify elements like these is that people who are interested in marketing might have become accustomed to this type of style.

Still, while it’s good to note these elements, you also want to stand out.

What part of your podcast is a differentiator from your competitors? Does this translate well into a graphic element? How can you ensure that your logo meets the expectations of your listener while also standing out from what already exists?

2. Comply with podcast logo restrictions.

You aren’t just creating a podcast logo for people to view as they are playing your episodes. Your logo will also be used in different sizes and placed throughout iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, and wherever else you decide to upload your content.

Each platform recommends uploading an image with dimensions of 3,000px by 3,000px. This ensures that your podcast artwork won’t be distorted when it is resized in the variety of podcasting apps and throughout their respective sites. iTunes also recommends:

To make sure artwork elements aren’t obscured by play progress and played indicators, avoid putting artwork elements in the bottom fifth of your image.

I created a graphic that complies with these guidelines. Make no mistake: This is a crucial part of the podcast validation process. If you don’t upload a size these platforms are happy with, your podcast won’t be accepted.

Podcast Logo Restrictions

We are going to get into picking your podcast logo elements in a second, but I wanted to mention something about sizing. Like I said before, your podcast logo is going to be used in a variety of locations and sizes. In order to convey your podcast’s purpose, you might want to avoid smaller elements. Because your logo will often be shown in thumbnail form, there’s a good chance that most people will scan over those details when looking through a large list of podcasts.

3. Keep your artwork text clear & short.

Podcast Logo Text Example

Be clear and concise. You don’t have a ton of space to work within your podcast logo. You have space for your show title and maybe a quick subhead. Again, make sure your subhead is big enough for people to see when it is scaled down to thumbnail size.

You might want to think about what industry buzzwords your audience would connect with. This might help your artwork stand out when people are searching through iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play Music.

4. Use Images To Stand Out, Not Blend In

Podcasts that stand out from the crowd

You might be tempted to include your company’s logo in your artwork. For some businesses, this might make sense, but its important to keep something in mind: More often than not, a prospective listener isn’t going to know who you are, unless your brand is a household name. This means your logo isn’t likely to be a selling point to them, and will take up valuable real estate that you could use to stand out from your competition.

And remember the exercise above. Take a look at the competitors in your space, do they include a logo? If they don’t, what other elements are they including instead? How can you differentiate?

Pick images and other elements that convey your podcast’s message and align with your industry. No one should be able to look at your logo and ask “what’s this podcast about?”.

Podcast logo messaging

5. Stick with your brand colors.

You’re likely going to be including your brand colors in your podcast logo/artwork. The way you incorporate these colors can be powerful. Try a few renditions of your color choices and get other opinions from peers, friends, and family. Some color combinations can convey different feelings to different people. You want to make sure there is a clear winner when picking colors.

Keeping with your brand colors and guidelines will help keep people connected to your brand as they start to explore beyond your podcast like your website, social media, and other marketing channels.

Nice logo! Now what?

Your podcast artwork is your first impression and interaction with a potential listener. You want to make sure you are putting your best foot forward.

Are you worried about what happens after your logo is created? Show templates, guests, topics? Our team is here to help. We help our clients plan and execute podcast campaigns that grow your audience and help you reach your business goals. Check out our podcasting services for more information.


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