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It’s no secret that the role of content in higher education marketing is significant. Maintaining a regularly updated blog is an effective way to drive qualified traffic to your website, capture more inquiries or prospects, and ultimately convert more prospective students into applicants. 
When it comes to planning whole campaigns and individual blog topics, it can be helpful to gather some inspiration. To help you get started, here are:
  • 50 blog topics for colleges and universities to spark your creativity
  • Additional bonus topics, too!

If you’re just getting started with blogging and inbound marketing for your college or university, you may be overwhelmed with the amount of content that you’ll need to create. Writing a blog post—or two or three a week—is a great way to begin ranking for search terms and attracting visitors to your website.

What Your College or University Can Do To Attract More Students

Content marketing is the key to attracting more students to find, engage, and choose your institution. It is where potential students can explore and ultimately conclude that your institution is the right fit for them! 

When those students—or their family members—click on your website, they are likely starting as strangers to your brand while searching for something. It is your job to make your college or university stand out from the rest of the competition by providing them with valuable content.

Throughout their journey, your content will be key to turning strangers into prospective students by providing value for them, which ultimately allows them to trust your institution before enrolling. Engaging in this way will delight them enough to encourage them to attend your college or university—while making current students and families full-fledged promoters in the process. 

The Inbound Enrollment Methodology

While it is clear that valuable content is integral to your institution’s enrollment strategy, productivity and motivation to create it can run low when you’re out of ideas. After all, a good blog topic and title are what you need to attract your prospective students to your site. But what’s a higher ed marketer to do when they honestly can’t think of any topics to write about?

While we always suggest researching and developing student personas ahead of time to help you better understand your audience and create a cohesive content strategy, it can also be a great way to uncover blog topics that prospective students will find interesting. Some of these articles can talk about topics like:

  • Detailing campus life
  • Helpful resources regarding financial aid
  • Student stories
  • And more

Blog Topics To Reach Students

As you go through this exercise or revisit your past persona research, for example, look for any common questions, pain points, or goals your persona has that you can address with a blog post.

Free Toolkit – Create Student Personas For Your School

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Even with this exercise, it can be helpful to gather some inspiration. Below are 50 blog title examples that your admissions or enrollment marketing team can use to jumpstart your content efforts the next time you run out of ideas or need a kick in the right direction.

Note: This article is for those looking for ways to market their school to prospective students, donors, and alumni. It is not intended to be a list of ideas for student bloggers. If you’re a student looking to generate blog ideas, we recommend reading this post.

While we hope these blog post ideas will help trigger some great ideas for your college or university, please keep in mind that search engines don’t like duplicate content. These blog titles are meant to be inspiration for your own content creation efforts, not word-for-word titles. Make sure that you tweak them as necessary so that your content stands out from your competition.

Blog Post Ideas for College Admissions Blogs

  1. XX Facts to Know Before Applying to [UNIVERSITY or PROGRAM]
  2. XX FAQs for an Admissions Counselor
  3. XX Secrets College Admissions Teams Don’t Want You to Know
  4. XX Pros and Cons of Online Degree Programs
  5. XX College Admissions Essay Writing Tips
  6. XX Tips for Choosing the Best Fit College
  7. College Application Mistakes to Avoid
  8. How to Pick the Right College: XX Steps
  9. Nail your College Interview in XX Steps
  10. Don’t Do This at your College Interview
  11. XX Tips for Grad School Applicants
  12. Aligning Your Future Career Path to a Grad School Degree
  13. Pros and Cons of Taking a Gap Year Between High School and College
  14. The Incoming College Freshman Summer Checklist
  15. XX Ways to Impress the College Admissions Team
  16. Extracurricular Activities that Impress Admissions Teams (and Which to Avoid)
  17. Use Your Desired Major to Choose the Right School
  18. Questions to Ask on a College Tour
  19. When is the right time to tour college campuses?
  20. Turning Your Favorite Hobby Into an Attractive Extracurricular Activity
  21. What Not to Do on a College Tour
  22. Choose Your College Major in XX Steps
  23. What’s a Minor, and Do I Need to Declare One?
  24. Matching Job Titles to Humanities Degrees
  25. Declaring the Right Minor for Your Career Path
  26. College Clubs: XX Things for the Freshman to Consider
  27. XX Financial Aid Options to Make College Affordable
  28. Everything You Need to Know About Transferring Your College Credits
  29. XX Ways to Prepare for Your Freshman Year
  30. Use Social Media to Help, Not Hurt, Your College Admission
  31. XX Things I Wish I Knew Before Choosing my Current School
  32. How Scholarships Affect Financial Aid
  33. What are Federal Grants and Do You Have to Pay Them Back?
  34. The Difference Between Public and Private Scholarships
  35. The College Search: Why Choose Private Over Public
  36. High School Senior? Here are XX Universities You Should Be Following on Social
  37. Admitted, But Deferred: Why Universities Ask You to Start in January
  38. XX Reasons to Take Internship Credits
  39. Graduate Early Without Overloading Yourself With Classes: XX Steps
  40. Going out of State: XX Reasons to Leave Home for School
  41. XX Reasons to Go to a Small College
  42. XX Reasons to Go to a Large University
  43. XX Places to Travel Before College
  44. Liberal Arts vs. Research University: Choosing What’s Right Based on Major
  45. Do I Have to Stick With it? Advice from XX People Who Changed Their Majors After Freshman Year
  46. Take Summer Courses Without Ruining Your Entire Break
  47. XX Steps to Avoiding Credits that Don’t Count
  48. Taking College Credits in High School: Cut Undergrad Costs While Learning the Ropes
  49. XX Tips for Working Full Time While in School
  50. Making Connections: XX Ways to Align Your Part-Time Job With Your Major

Bonus: 10 Blog Post Ideas To Promote Your Degree Programs

Student Reading High Ed Blog Posts

  1. Is a [Degree Type] in [Focus Area] Worth the Time and Investment?
  2. How to Pursue a Degree in [Focus Area] While Working without Burning Out
  3. [Degree 1] vs [Degree 2]: Pros, Cons and Considerations
  4. Top Paying Emerging Careers in [Degree Field]
  5. How To Get A [Degree Type] in [Focus Area] without [Common Requirement]
  6. XX Things You Can Do with a Degree in [Focus Area]
  7. How to Increase Salary in [Career Field]
  8. XX Jobs You Can Only Get with a Degree in [Focus Area]
  9. xx Top Paying Companies in [Metro Area] for [Job Title]
  10. XX Reasons Why You Should Get A Degree in [Focus Area]

Make Your College Stand Out

With these 60 blog title ideas for higher education, you'll be able to use them as inspiration in your own blogging efforts. Share this list with your team and collaborate to identify which titles would work best in each stage of your prospective students’ journey toward enrollment. Or, use these titles simply as brainstorming material to put an original spin on some great content.

Once you have an initial list, you can take it a step further by conducting keyword research, reviewing your analytics data, and surveying your prospective students and admissions team to validate your ideas.

At its heart, your content strategy should provide value to your website visitors while building relationships with prospective students. What are the common questions, concerns, goals, and opportunities prospective students are considering as they compare schools and evaluate your offerings? This should become the guiding light for your content editorial strategy and the key to making your institution stand out.


Free Toolkit - Create Student Personas For Your School


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